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Movoto is a real estate website that assists visitors in finding the perfect home. Much of my time with Movoto (2010-2011) was spent mocking up UI changes and updates for their developers to work from, modernizing the site design a bit at a time.

Featured Works

Mapsearch UI Design

A new product at the time, mapsearch was a great way to search for a home while getting an exact idea of where the home was located. I worked on the second version of mapsearch's UI, creating a more aesthetically pleasing interface, an icon system that gave more information in a glance, and an added listing pane.

Redesigned Mapsearch UI

Detailed Product Page Design

The Detailed Product Page is the most important page on Movoto, and it was a constant challenge attempting to find the best design for both user-friendliness and hot lead generation. The sheer amount of information available on the page introduces the problem of overwhelming the visitor if the design is not optimal. Below is a favorite of many different iterations produced.

Display Ads

From time to time, I would also be charged with creating display ads. Most of the ads designed were a mix of ads promoting Movoto or ads for promoted properties.